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We Buy Land 

Alland Properties is always on the lookout for land development opportunities in the St. John's region. If there's a property we should be looking at let us know

We Sell Land 

Our land development solutions in St. John’s and surrounding areas are suitable for both residential or commercial purposes and include:

  • environmental impact studies
  • the ability to develop residential and commercial properties on existing lots
  • professional preparation of land for the purpose of development
  • complete preparation and development of vacant lots

Check out Castle View Estates in Paradise opposite Octagon Pond. Phase I is near completion with only 10 lots remaining. Phase II is scheduled for late Fall 2017. 

We Assist Contractors & Individuals in Buying and Developing Land

Many people have the misconception that you buy a piece of land and 6 months later you build a house on it. In reality it could take years. It's so much more than making an application and getting a permit. It just doesn't work that way. 

Understanding the process and how to work within it is key:  what the city/town will allow and what they won't; the people to contact to get things done; zoning regulations, etc.    

Consulting Service

Alland Properties partner Keith James will help you navigate the process much more effectively. Keith has been doing land development since 2000 and has assisted in many of the major land developments in the St. John's region. His experience and knowledge in working with the City of St. John's, City of Mount Pearl, Towns of Paradise, CBS & Portugal Cove-St. Philips is invaluable. 

Keith knows who to talk to at the various municipal levels and because of his experience, understands when to push and when to back off. When a problem does arise Keith will bring all those involved together to look for a solution. As part of our consulting services we can also help with:  

  • negotiating with the city/town for approval
  • attending public hearings if require
  • working with engineers on design and architects on layout that meet the guidelines
  • putting together a cost/benefit analysis if financing is required

Whether you are an individual or a contractor we can help you buy and develop your land. For more information contact Alland Properties


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